What is Instant Ebook? It's a piece of software for Windows.
What does it do? It makes Kindle ebooks.
Who is it for? Writers who want to turn their work into ebooks quickly and easily.

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On this page you will find books that are FREE. No cost. That's because they are now in the public domain in the US, the US copyright having expired. In our experience many free ebooks available on the web are poorly formatted. These books are different; they have been created using Instant Ebook software and have, for example, properly functioning Tables of Contents (sometimes referred to as 'active') and section navigation.

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The trial version allows you to explore all the features of the software. When you purchase Instant Ebook you will receive a software key which will turn your trial version into the full product. In other words, you only need to install it once!

And you don't even have to try Instant Ebook to download these books. They are freely available to everyone as long as the copyright law in your country permits.

To download your chosen book click on the book cover below and choose 'Save File' when asked. If you have the free Kindle reader application for your computer (available from Amazon at no cost) you can click on the ebook file once it's on your computer and you can read it straight away. Otherwise connect your Kindle device to your computer with a USB lead and copy the file across.

When William Came by H.H.Munro

Miss Mapp by E.F.BensonThe House with the Green Shutters by George Douglas Brown

The Book of Wonder by Lord DunsanyA Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

KIDNAPPED by Robert Louis StevensonCATRIONA by Robert Louis Stevenson

'Kidnapped' is the more famous of these Robert Louis Stevenson stories but 'Catriona' continues where 'Kidnapped' leaves off - as modern blurb writers might say 'The Continuing Adventures of David Balfour'. David Balfour is an eighteenth century Scottish country boy who seeks out his extended family when his widower father dies. He becomes involved in the politics of the aftermath of the last Jacobite rebellion, the '45.

For some background information on the Jacobites see external link about The Jacobites.

All the book covers on this page were designed by Len Nicholson. The eagle on the cover of 'When William Came' is based on an image by Kriss Szkurlatowski: . The old Union Flag on the same cover is based on an image by Roger Kirby: . Thanks!

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