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The Easy Way To Create eBooks For The Amazon Kindle

The Instant Ebook approach is to make things as simple and easy as possible, while still being capable of powerful creative effects. It is aimed chiefly at the writer writing straightforward books of text, perhaps with some illustrations and graphics — a typical novel / short story format. It's for the writer who doesn't want to spend a lot of time wrestling with the technicalities of the Amazon Kindle ebook format. While it's possible to assemble an ebook yourself (if you know all the requirements for the approved Kindle format) Instant Ebook protects you from all that tedious effort and delivers your ebook in seconds.

Automatic functions, such as creation of a table of contents which links to the relevant book sections (a requirement of the Kindle specification), take care of usual formatting requirements but if your book requires more unusual formatting then Instant Ebook's hidden capabilities can be easily unleashed by using the advanced mode. This allows you to achieve anything of which the Kindle is capable.

For Example

Perhaps you are writing a novel and you're using a word processor, possibly Microsoft Word. Word processors are great for making your book look good on the printed page but are far from ideal for creating a file which will make a good ebook. There are guides available which will tell you how to whip a Word file into shape so that it will make a good ebook file. Not necessarily difficult but a lot of work and your nice printable file will likely have to be altered significantly. In other words you will have to fiddle about with time-consuming and irritating formatting problems.

Trying to use a word processor to create ebook files is not ideal since word processor formatting and ebook formatting require different approaches. Instead of making compromises Instant Ebook takes the revolutionary step of dispensing with word processing formatting altogether — then it adds in ebook formatting automatically!

In practice this means that you keep your word processing file as it is but save a copy of it as a simple text file. This text copy of your novel is what Instant Ebook converts into an ebook by automatically adding the ebook formatting necessary. It will also create an active table of contents i.e. clickable links, and an NCX index (the latter allows a secondary method for moving to points in the ebook -- and would otherwise have to be produced manually which requires technical knowledge).

Once Instant Ebook has added the ebook formatting and created supporting files it feeds all this into Kindlegen which is Amazon's own software. This ensures that the ebook created looks as it will when published by Amazon. N.B.Kindlegen needs to be installed on your computer. The easiest way to do this is to download from Amazon and install Kindle Previewer.

Amazon's Kindle Previewer Program

Just download and then run the program to install Kindle Previewer.

When installed this also automatically installs Kindlegen at the same time. Kindle Previewer is extremely useful to have since it allows you to see how your ebook will look on a variety of Kindle devices. Instant Ebook allows you to launch Kindle Previewer from within so that you can review your ebook as you create.

The end result is an ebook file which can be uploaded to Amazon for publication, or directly loaded onto any Kindle device or any device with a Kindle reader e.g. a tablet or PC.

In short, Instant Ebook will make the process of producing a Kindle ebook (or as many Kindle ebooks as you like) dramatically less complicated and quicker than other methods. And, at just

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it's eminently affordable. This has got to be the easiest and cheapest way to create a Kindle ebook.

But don't just take our word for it. Before you part with any money try Instant Ebook now for free!

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